Voice of Teso

 VOICE OF TESO has been on air since October 1998 and has grown from a municipal station to cover the entire Eastern Region. The station is located at Plot 12 Central Avenue in Soroti town. It Broadcasts on 88.4FM and covers at least 18 districts. It is now the leading channel among ALL segments of society in the Eastern Region of Uganda, by addressing issues such as Gender Education, Health and Poverty Alleviation. This makes it the perfect radio station for population sensitization and promotion campaigns in the region. Being the dominant radio station in the region means that VOICE OF TESO places and emphasis on airing programs to meet the needs and interests of all groups in the region.Majority of the population in the region is adult, B-C class, although the urban centres register a higher percentage ifyouth population. There is also a heavy presence of brisk medium sized businesses. Therefore on average there arealso 14-20 songs per hour (depending on programme sponsorship details) to ensure the entertainment value of thestation is balanced with constructive conversation and efficient advertising.MissionTo permanently cement our position as `The People’s Choice’ radio station in Eastern Uganda, while enhancing and promoting thee Positive Development of all aspects our listenership throught the provision of entertaining and informative programmes.VisionTo diversify and fill ALL communication gaps in Eastern Uganda using our “Development Through Media’’ strategy.Technical CapacityVOICE Of TESO has developed into a regional powerhouse by constantly updating its technical capability. Our broadcasting equipment is second to none from industry leaders Broadcast Electronics and DB Electronica. Our Signal has been tremendously boosted by the acquisition of a 01PC Exciter (FA3000 3kw FM) amplifier.