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Our Vision

Our vision is leading innovative energy management in the energy sector. We always lead through innovation, we aim to continually deliver improvements to energy solutions across Uganda.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy goes much beyond customer satisfaction and we believe in not only satisfying our clients but delighting with our unique result oriented consulting methodology that brings in sustainable competitive advantage.

Why Us

Fortune Energy believes that our clients' success is our success; we believe in professionalism, we consistently maintain high standards for service and consultants to be always able to bring the best team of senior consultants to bear on every single project

Special offer

This month we have a special offer for our clients: 5% off any contract. Don't miss out on this opportunity — save time and money.

What We do

Fortune energy offers industry-specific advisory services related to hard assets for clients throughout the energy and various industry sectors which include corporate and asset divestitures, corporate and asset purchases, M&A opportunity reviews and transactions, and portfolio optimization reviews and transactions. Our experience centers serve clients across the world who would wish to invest in Uganda. We support critical decisions across a broad range of strategic and operational functions, from business unit strategy and supply chain management to organization.


About Us

Fortune Energy is a leading economic, financial, and strategic advisory professional services firm specializing in energy, health, aviation and infrastructure sector in Uganda. The firm has advised private sector clients, market institutions, and governments on privatization, asset valuation, deregulation, tariff design, market power, and strategy in virtually all deregulated markets worldwide. Fortune Energy has played a major role in helping companies and investors navigate the increasingly complex business environment in Uganda. Fortune Energy works with the full range of players in the industry: international energy companies, major integrated oil and utilities companies, global power developers, and emerging energy traders and merchants.


Our clients say
We learned a lot from these guys. With their help we managed to find new markets and relaunch a number of our products. Thank you!
When our strategies got to a dead end and we needed a fresh perspective, these guys entered our lives. We were truly pleased by the creative team and our collaboration with them.
I didn’t have the courage to start my own company due to the bureaucracy, but these guys made it look so easy. They took care of everything and also gave me a lot of useful tips.
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